Curious about what websites I visit from time to time? Or simply looking for a way out? Here are collection of links I've saved up during my online travels. At the moment it's not much, but I have a ton of links stored somewhere on my hard drive of places I visit (or used to visit). Most of these websites have far more material than mine right now, so please take a look. =)

More shall be added when time permits! (Or whenever I have time to write a short description for the website.) ;P

Personal Websites - I met kiohl back in second grade, then lost touch with her when she changed schools after third grade. Then, we meet up again in UC Berkeley for some freshman fair! Anyway, kiohl's site is overflowing with artwork so take a peek!

Greenbean's Homepage - Greenbeans is well-known for her fanfics, College Life, and Distant which are both focused around Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. She also writes fanfiction for other series, so do take a look around.

Collectives (... well, sort of.)

Centra Garden - Greenbean's other website for her FFVIII fanfic, Sowing the SeeDs. There's other random stuff there as well. - Nextgenuni's website filled with her own online comic, artwork, and shrines to various series.

Evil Angel Network - Gwen's collective of websites, fanfiction, and artwork along with shrines to various characters from various series. I'm embarrassingly addicted to her Fushigi Yuugi fanfic. *blushes* - Trin-san's own collective filled with lots of fanfiction. The Good Fanfiction Webring can be found here as well. She's a great person and a terrific writer; if you haven't read her work, you're really missing out.

Saikyo Powaa - Goharotto's new website filled with artwork, A Ninja in 20XX, fanfiction, and random other tidbits.

Artists I Admire

Shadowscapes - A website showcasing art created by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, a fellow UC Berkeley graduate. Well, she seems more like a super graduate to me since she double-majored in computer science and art. That's no easy task! Anyway, I really like how her artwork looks and how she does her watercolors.

????? [You Shiina] - A website which features art by You Shiina. No I can't read Japanese, but anyone can randomly click links and view his artwork. I seriously love his style, and I've bought three of his publications (two artbooks and one other publication... maybe for a game?), even though I can't read Japanese. >.<;;; He makes the color orange look good with blue. @_@; I'm a little sad that no one seems to really know him.