Job Level
White Mage (whm) 75
Warrior (war) 60
Monk (mnk) 28
Thief (thf) 27
Black Mage (blm) 40
Red Mage (rdm) 17
Ranger (rng) 37
Summoner (smn) 42
Ninja (nin) 44
Dark Knight (drk) 10
Paladin (pld) 24
Dragoon (drg) 1
Samurai (sam) 10
Beastmaster (bst) 17
Bard (brd) 10
Blue Mage (blu) 15
Corsair (cor) 1
Puppetmaster (pup) 10
Dancer (dnc) 1
Scholar (sch) 1

Do not underestimate this mithra just because her highest job happens to be white mage. Asiren can have a temper that's as fiery as her copper-red hair! She's been known to enfeeble the opposing team members in person-versus-person matches, and take her club out to whack them if she is out of MP. She will use Holy at times to finish off an opponent.

"I can't tell you how many times I've finished off a Tarutarrru black mage with Holy. It's my favorrrite spell in Brenner!" - Asiren

Outside of battle, Asiren is very knowledgeable about the general theory behind crafting. She has an interest in all crafts, and hopes to level all of them to sixty before choosing one to specialize in. Her highest crafting skill can be found in Alchemy which is currently at level fifty-nine.

While Asiren does not really like to be leader in any situation, she does realize that she maybe the best choice as leader since she instinctively knows how to create a good to average party. She is more than willing to help out other members of her linkshell at a moments notice, and prides herself in knowledge of Vana'diel.

"I don't remember organizing a packrat's crap being part of the job description!" - Chryss

Chryss had travelled to Bastok to become an adventurer until she found out that adventuring was pretty expensive. Disillusioned at the thought of spending so much money that could possibly get herself killed, Chryss was offered a job by Asiren to help store Asiren's extra crafting tools and items. In exchange, Asiren would pay Chryss a healthy salary, allow her to use some of items for Chryss's own crafting ambitions, and share any good adventure stories with her. The offer seemed too good at the time to refuse, so Chryss accepted the job.

Later Chryss found out that Asiren was a packrat, and her stuff would soon outnumber Chryss's own belongings. Slightly annoyed at a continually full inventory and mog safe, Chryss soon requested furniture to help store all the additional items she had been receiving from Asiren. Asiren readily accepted this request and sent over a dozen armor boxes straight from San d'Oria. To this day, Chryss's mog house is full of chests placed in rows all over the stone floor.

"It is not part of my job to comment on my employer's eclectic array of weapons and armor. Please desist your pestering at once!" - Zareru

It's surprising that a male Elvaan from San d'Oria was some how convinced to help store Asiren's armor and weapons. Unfortunately, Zareru has been extremely close-mouthed on clarifying how he and Asiren met, nor has he explained why he was willing to work for Lady Asiren. Their relationship seems to be based in respect, loyalty, and honour.

Well aware of Asiren's escapades that had spread through the Windurstian grapevine, Hiccups was awestruck when he accidentally ran into Asiren's legs while visiting the cooking guild. He had barely finished his apology when Asiren laughed, told him that the accidental bump was nothing, and then asked why he was in a hurry. Hiccups replied that he was going to be a master chef one day, and he was there to pick up a few ingredients and grab a few lessons from the chefs in the guild. When asked what recipe he was currently working on, he shyly replied that simply didn't have the funds to seriously practice cooking yet. At this response Asiren became quiet, and Hiccups was afraid that he might have angered the red-haired mithra.

To his surprise, Asiren offered to sponsor Hiccups's wish to become a master chef on the condition he would help store some of her cooking ingredients and let her have a bite of his meals ever so often. Hiccups joyfully accepted her offer. Though his cooking skill is currently lower than Asiren's skill, Hiccups has no doubt that one day he will be able to serve luxurious meals in the future.

"After all, who has time to cooky-wooky when you have all thataru adventuring to do?" - Hiccups


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