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Welcome to, my personal website. Most people get a domain when their website has become:

  1. Hugely popular.
  2. An enormous archive of past and present websites they maintain.
  3. For the heck of it.

I'm sorry to say, but this particular website falls into the latter option. I have maintained a website before, but due to school and real life circumstances, it was neglected fairly often. That's not to say I dislike having a website; I just have a hard time being consistent with it.

In any case, hopefully this website with gather more content so I will have an excuse to make more layouts. I love website design even if I'm incredibly slow with my own designs.

By the way, I go by the name, Pisces6, my online handle. In terms of a unique name, it's not very original, but it has suited my purposes just fine. I picked out this name for the very much dead Tokyo Tea Chatroom hosted by Geocities many years ago, and I have kept it since even though another person also used the same nickname. I never met her, but I assume she's probably chosen a different online handle by now since I've never heard of another Pisces6 afterwards.


March 16, 2008

Um, hi? o.o; I kinda forgot I had a website. >.> Ahem, just updated the job levels on the FFXI page and added links to my new blog on this domain and to my old website, DayDream Hideaway. I had moved DayDream Hideaway here a while ago but never announced it. Sorry. ^^;

June 16, 2006

Did a little editing, took out a dead link, and added biographies for my FFXI characters. The FFXI page is a bit disorganized since there's a storyline, but in the Comics section, I'm out of character at the moment. I haven't decided where to go with my FFXI page yet, nor have I determined how I should split up the page yet. I decided to just throw up what I have so far and deal with the organizing at a later date.

March 25, 2006

Replaced the text link for with a banner. Also put up a small FFXI page for my characters along with a comic-like screenshot.

January 19, 2006

Woops! Got caught up with work, FFXI, and real life in general. @_@; Anyway, I've updated the link page a bit and added link buttons for this domain. Also added as an affliate, but that website should have been added when I opened the website. Sorry about that! =/

July 31, 2005

Officially opened! Pretty empty, though.